A decentralized, global, secure, private, blockchain-based e-commerce system

Commitment to all consumers, safety, privacy, and easy global consumption

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Multiple account types to support a perfect business scenario


Basic account types, such as transfers, transactions, uploading or offline products and services, buying and selling merchandise services, setting up personal homepages, creating smart contracts, private chat, and other activities


Store has more features than Account, but there are a few limitations. Store has most of Account’s features Store can contain Store and Account inside, Store itself can become a big platform Certain activities of the Store have certain privacy restrictions


Smart contracts are written in Turing complete language and run on virtual machines. It can complete a wealth of functions. Including insurance, logistics, security, virtual products and other scenarios using Contract. Privacy in Yooba’s business is also provided by smart contracts.Provide zero-knowledge proofs, ring signatures, and other privacy options for users to choose.

The ultimate consumer experience upgrade

  • A blockchain account can be consumed on multiple service entities
  • One login, multiple use, exposure information is 0
  • Covert transactions, hidden chats, zero-knowledge authentication and other encryption technologies protect the entire process
  • Freedom of consumption, freedom of service

Only born for business

  • Perfect account system to support rich business scenarios
  • Store can contain store,account, for big platform, localization store possible
  • Multi-layer structure, multi-layer credible middleman to protect consumers
  • Upload or release merchandise anywhere, anytime

Perfect mobile experience and features

  • User can upload any goods and services anywhere
  • Users can customize the homepage to their liking, or use a template
  • Simultaneously as a commodity or service provider and consumer in one place
  • Rich search features let you find any goods or services you want
  • You can communicate with your provider to determine more details.

Multiple technologies support global business transactions

Security , Privacy

  • zk-SNARKS - zero-knowledge proofs, ring signatures and other flexible privacy mechanisms to access smart contracts, protecting confidentiality throughout the transaction
  • A variety of encryption algorithms, used in chat, transaction, storage and others, to protect the data from leaking


  • 2~3 seconds block time, low latency, faster verification speed, higher performance
  • Hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, to meet the needs of the world's commercial transactions of a large amount of demand
  • Advanced voting mechanism ensures that the blockchain is not destroyed

Close to reality and solve various real needs

  • YOO token,besides its own value, it can also be used as a currency to support the circulation of various business scenarios on yooba.
  • Physical goods, virtual goods, and various services can be provided and consumed on yooba

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, storage and other service providers free access to yooba

  • The user's various merchandise, homepage, etc. are stored in a space provided by multiple service providers and users, and provide multiple backups
  • Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, insurance as a basic service, applied to other commodities on yooba, store, etc.



Token Issue Mechanism Considerations

  • Total 10 billion, annual inflation rate 0.5% to 5% (given after its mechanism)
  • Airdrop 20%. They will start at 2018.5 and all will be released before 2018.9.30. 10,000 to 20000 Tokens per person (please save, they are very valuable in the future)
  • 40% is reserved for ICO.
  • 5% is available to early investors.5% is used for the initial project reward to Yooba development, propaganda, testing and other community contributors.
  • 18% is reserved for communities, ecological construction, and research. Such as logistics, insurance, storage and other basic services access. And business promotion, the introduction of big brands / large platforms, the creation of commonly used products / services. Push it to the public to improve the ecology. This 18% releases 1/16 every 3 months, and it is released in 4 years.
  • 12% is reserved for founding teams and core developers. This 12% releases 1/16 every 3 months, and it is released in 4 years.

Exchanges That YOO Listed

Unlimited potential team


Team Lead & Tech Lead

Michael Harrall

Sr DB Engineer

Wang Yaxiong

Sr Server Developer

Zhou Jian

Sr App Developer

Roman Buzhora

Marketing Manager

Jingo Cabiles

Community Development Manager

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