Current price:1 ETH =




1 ETH = 320000 YOO. Only first week. After days hours minutes seconds the price will change to 1 ETH = 250000 YOO

1 ETH = 250000 YOO

1 ETH = 180000 YOO

ICO Process

* The offer is valid only within 7 days from the beginning of the ICO.

** 2nd Stage will begin one week after the ICO starts or when 5% Tokens from 1st Stage will be sold out.Additionally to 15% of tokens,will be added unsold tokens from 1st Stage (if unsold tokens left).

Unsold Out Token Process

* 45% of total supply will sell in ICO.Unsold tokens mean the tokens that unsold in those tokens.

** The bonus will be awarded only to those,who will have more than 25000 YOO.The more tokens you have in your wallet ,the higher your YOO bonus will be received.The bonus computational equation is (X * Y / Z).The X means the half of unsold tokens.The Y means the amount YOO of you hold.The Z mean the sum of all YOOs with holders greater than 25,000 YOO.

*** Token will be sold by market avarage price.The avarage price will be deducted more than from two exchanges.

Check how much YOO you got in ICO

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Soft cap and hard cap

The soft cap is 3000 ETH,and the hard cap is 22000 ETH.After ICO,if not reach soft cap,We will refund all buyers. Even if don't reach the soft cap, we will continue to develop Yooba and wait for the next ICO.

ICO duration

The ICO starts at 2018-08-10 and ends at 2018-09-30. The duration of the entire ICO is 51 days.

Team development plan

You can go to here to know more.

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